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Selected interviews and features


How Merce Cunningham reinvented the way the world saw dance
Dazed Digital

Marking the centenary of his birth, we probe into the life and legacy of one of dance’s most celebrated and avant-garde trailblazers


Getting to know Munroe

Bricks Magazine

Frank, fierce, a force to be reckoned with; powerhouse Munroe Bergdorf reflects on her personal story of alienation, growth, and empowerment.


Test Run
Intern Magazine

Camberwell Press stands proudly as an exception in the current climate of unpaid internships, so often defined by tales of mundane and monotonous errands, exploitative hours and a lack of worthwhile benefits other than a name on a CV.


Exhibition Review: David Hockney at Tate Britain
Spindle Magazine

Presented by Tate Britain, and running until late May before continuing its tour in Paris and New York, this is the world’s most extensive retrospective of David Hockney’s work


Exhibition Preview: Airing My Dirty Laundry in Public
Bricks Magazine

Polly Nor's brand new solo exhibition illustrates all too relatable scenes of the female experience during the age of the internet.


Visual Focus: Annie Pendergrast's Rocks

Spindle Magazine

One of Annie Pendergrast‘s most captivating series of work is simply titled ‘Rocks’.

morocco's best kept secret.JPG

Morocco’s Best Kept Secret
The Essential Journal

‘Our travel writer spent the early part of the year discovering Morocco, taking in the towns, cities, villages and desert.’


The Grandeur of Budapest
The Essential Journal

‘This month, our travel writer explores the magic of Budapest.