I'm a freelance writer based in London, with an interest in culture, art and design, and social affairs. Previously, I was the online editor for Spindle Magazine, and I have written for a number of publications including Wonderland Magazine,  Dazed Digital, Wallpaper* Magazine, Rollacoaster Magazine, Intern Magazine and Notion Magazine. I graduated from Queen Mary, University of London, with a degree in BA English Literature (Hons) and I am currently creating a new print publication, Mothership Magazine, which addresses alternative ways of thinking and countercultures from the 1960s to the present day, and an art journalism project called Threeway Art Class.

I am available for hire as a freelance writer, editor, transcriber and copywriter.
Full CV available upon request.

Selected Experience

Freelance Writer
Founder/Writer - Threeway Art Class (in progress!)
Founder/Editor - Mothership Magazine (in progress!)
Marketing & PR - Strange Pill Artists
Freelance Assistant - Strange Attractor Press
Online Editor - Spindle Magazine
Editorial Intern - YCN
Freelance Press & PR Manager - Naya Rea
Fashion Editor Assistant - Noctis Magazine
Stylist Assistant - Absolutely Magazines
Editorial Intern - Absolutely Magazines
Editorial Intern - Wonderland Magazine
Design Editor, Contributor, Online Editor - The Print (QMUL newspaper)
Marketing and PR Intern - A-Line London
Fashion Intern - The Sunday Times Style Magazine
Online Intern - Wallpaper* Magazine


Panelist on the Q&A Panel Discussion, Queen Mary's Student Media Conference, December 2016

Mid-interview with Phoebe English at London Collections Men.

Mid-interview with Phoebe English at London Collections Men.