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Visual Focus: Annie Pendergrast's Rocks for Spindle Magazine

One of Annie Pendergrast‘s most captivating series of work is simply titled ‘Rocks’. Also impressively skilled in drawing, painting and collage-making, Los Angeles based artist Pendergrast’s distinctive style is characterised by her use of bright, highly saturated colours, against deep hues of blues, purples and metallics, which she describes as “similiar to a bioluminescent deep sea creature”.

London Fashion Week: Claire Barrow SS16 for Noctis Magazine

Guys, we’ve got an unhealthy relationship with tech and this season, Claire Barrow wants us to know it. Welcome back to the dystopian world of CB: DIY aesthetics, scrapbook sketches and serious punk sensibilities. Dark and eerie, this season plays on the thoughts and fears of the modern masses – what the hell would we do if there was no more tech?