Selected music interviews and features.

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Latitude Photo Diary
Foxes Magzine

Deep within the depths of rural Suffolk, you’ll find one of the most accommodating musical happenings of the summer. 

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Interview: Sunflower Bean's Julia Cumming
Rockins International Zine

The thick bushy eyebrows, white dishevelled hair and dark eyes framed with smudged jet- black eyeliner make Julia Cumming the spitting image of a 70’s punk heroine. 


Interview: Circa Waves
Spindle Magazine

An interview with Circa Waves for Spindle Magazine's 'Dreams' print issue.


Interview: Todd Dorigo
Spindle Magazine

An interview with Todd Dorigo for Spindle Magazine's 'Dreams' print issue.


Interview: Hidden Charms
Spindle Magazine

As I enter Soho’s Duke of Argyll, a regular drinking spot for the London-based four piece Hidden Charms, I find 1/4 of the band, frontman Vincent sat afar, looking especially pensive and sipping from a glass of scotch.

Interview: Dream Wife
Spindle Magazine

Dream Wife, are a dream team trio made up of Rakel, Alice and Bella. But if you’ve been following your upcoming music, you probably don’t need me to tell you that, because these 3 made quite a stir in the back-end of 2016. 


Interview: RY X
Spindle Magazine

I arrive at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, dead on the hour of 4 o’clock before Australian born, LA-based Ry X (his real name, Ry Cuming) has to soundcheck for his show that night.


Interview: Petite Meller
Spindle Magazine

We caught up with Petite Meller on a pretty big day in her music career. After playing a London concert last night coinciding with her first album launch, Lil Empire was officially released today after two years of writing, producing and releasing singles along with some visually stunning music videos to match.

Interview: Tiggs Da Author
Spindle Magazine

As a poet, rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, you better believe that Tigg’s is quite literally ‘Da Author’. 

Interview: Syd Arthur
Spindle Magazine

Four-piece Syd Arthur are a band unlike another. Difficult to pin-point stylistically on the map, their sounds verges from psychedelic to easy listening rock with electronic currents, yet a track like ‘No Peace’ has an undeniable funk element travelling through.


Interview: Clean Cut Kid
Spindle Magazine

We had the pleasure of catching up with Clean Cut Kid last month at Bestival 2016, after playing the popular Invaders of the Future stage where incidentally, the most memorable and promising artists of the weekend all seemed to congregate.

Interview: Krept & Konan
Rollacoaster Magazine

From spitting bars in the playground to landing a BET award and two MOBOs, south London hip-hop duo Krept and Konan are on track to dominate.

Interview: Beaty Heart
Spindle Magazine

The alt-pop band Beaty Heart have been on our radar for some time – if it wasn’t for their catchy rhythmic hooks or their balanced concoction of electronic pop and melodic vocals, it would be for their dynamic and colourful music videos that accompany it.

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New Noise: ASHA
Spindle Magazine

Introducing the latest raw vocal talent to emerge on the London music scene: Asha.


Interview: Ryan Lott
Wonderland Magazine

Over burgers and fries, Wonderland chats to the man behind Son Lux and the score producer of the upcoming teen flick, Paper Towns and his new record “Bones”.

New Noise: Kuenta i Tambu
Wonderland Magazine

We chat to Kuenta i Tambu to get a glimpse into their unlikely coupling of electro sound and traditional Afro Caribbean beats.


5 Icelandic Artist You Should Know
Wonderland Magazine

Thousands flocked to Reykjavik to party for three days of straight sunlight with some of Iceland’s best bands. We caught up with our favourite five.


An Interview with Jason Nolan
Spinde Magazine

A conversation with upcoming artist Jason Nolan, for Spindle Magazine's 'Dreams' print issue.

Reminiscing: Villagers' {Awayland} Tour

What exactly is it about Villagers that places them on another pedestal from the rest? It doesn’t take long to recognise that front-man O’Brien is to be held responsible.