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Interviews, spotlight profiles and showcases curated and created as part of creative members network YCN's 'New Now' platform; designed to inform, inspire and advise student and upcoming creative talent.


Spotlight: Alva Skog

Illustrator Alva Skog is still finishing off her BA degree and yet her work is already making lasting impressions in the professional world and beyond.


Building It’s Nice That, Lecture in Progress and Anyways

As co-founder and director of The HudsonBec Group, Will Hudson is a key player in championing creative talent. Find out more about his own background in design, and how he picks out the cream of the crop in creativity.


Spotlight: Anoushka Khandwala

Anoushka Khandwala's work is tapping out of the Eurocentric and into Afro-futurism, while exploring the nature of interaction.

Finding fun in creating for kids

Joe Gamble is an illustrator with a penchant for working on playful, child-orientated projects. In this interview he shares the benefits of a Graphic Communications course, and setting up a collective fresh out of university.


Creating the tech and coding start-up, SuperHi

Rik Lomas, founder of online coding school SuperHi, stumbled into coding by chance. Talking on what makes SuperHi unique to the industry, Rik tells us that his approach to the tech world is about creativity, collaboration and knowing your stuff.


Showcase: Rebranding PROPERCORN's visual identity

PROPERCORN has collaborated with seven different artists from around the globe for the launch of its new visual aesthetic.

Going solo after designing under Target and Pentagram

After leading a successful career as a designer for organisations Target and Pentagram, Courtney Gooch discusses her experiences of self-development, where she finds her inspiration, and the pro's and con's of going independent.


Success as a young creative and illustrating Parklife's visual identity

Guy Field began his career as a creative (with a speciality in illustration), with a degree in Graphic Design. Here, he shares his advice on establishing yourself in the creative field, and working on rebranding Parklife festival's visual identity.